Training Inspection Personal Falling Equipment commences

13 juli 2015

Training Inspection Personal Falling Equipment is approved under Person certification ISO 17024 and has officially started. The International Guarantee Committeee (IWBC) for secure work at a height has approved the professional competence profile of Inspection Personal Falling Equipment  (IPVM) in its latest meeting.

This means that Scaffolding Training Europe (STE) will commence with providing this training to inspector IPVM in the second half of August. This three day training consists of a theory- and a practical component.

On the third day the training will be completed with an exam which, with a positive result, will lead to an official professional competence certificate under person certification with registration in the international register of Here, any client is able to check whether the inspector meets the qualification requirements, drafted according to the latest technical developments, and determined by the IWBC in end- and test terms.

Without registration no acknowledgment and thus no qualification. For more information, we direct you to STE in Barendrecht - - or telephone - 0180-655599.


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