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Scaffolding Training Europe, STE, is a renowned trainings institute, that has always been a market leader in the field of “Working safely on heights’. For more than 25 years we at STE have been striving to increase the safety within this field. We do this first and for most, by upholding the quality of our knowledge above all else.


Founder Miel Ferket is without a doubt an authority within the field of Scaffolding. Miel started STE in 1991 with a personal vision, after losing one of his good friends in a fatal scaffolding accident. Ever since he has been fighting to make the branch of Safely working on heights a safer one.

In the nineties he succeeded in getting the first profiles of professional competence certified, in accordance with the international guidelines of ISO 17024, personal certification. Since then there have been many more profiles added to the list from Assistant Scaffolder to Scaffolding Inspector and from Inspection of Portable Climbing Material to the Inspection of Personal Fall Protection Equipment.


It’s general knowledge that working at height is paired with serious risks. During our trainings we hope to make people aware of the risks they can encounter in the workplace. Only then can people help to limit these risks and prevent accidents. Next to safety we teach our trainees to work efficiently, effectively, responsibly and healthy. This combination results in a safe and pleasant workplace.

Working safely on heights occurs at various spectacular places, like industrial installations, building sites and drilling platforms. All our trainings are designed to teach safety awareness, to learn how to be (more) productive and to teach people to choose the right equipment to work with. We teach people to think solution-oriented and how to execute these solution. By enrolling your employees in a training, you are implementing optimal risk management and complying with the current legal requirements and the Scaffolding Guidelines. (“Richtlijn Steigers”)  

Alongside our trainings we also offer services like coaching on the job, consultancy, process optimisation and inspections. We supply you with custom plans to make safety a priority not only in the workplace, but in all parts of your company.

STE Poland

Since June 2017 we have opened STE GP (Global Protection) in Poland. STE GP is an independent training centre in part belonging to Scaffolding Training Europe B.V. Over the years its inventors have been working to improve the forms of training and education, emphasising the quality of skills and qualifications of employees around the world, as well as working with the best construction experts, inspecting and consulting many of our business partners, seeing and receiving increasing interest in extending activities of other specialities and trades. This idea together with great need of filling the gap for treating the customer globally, motivated us and initiated the creation of STE Global Protection. 

 As first step, we opened a brand new training facility in Opole, Poland, which gives our clients the possibility to train, examine and consult in the field of industrial professions connected with insulation, scaffolding and side trades.  Due to our experience we know how to implement training and examination systems, and cooperate with Labor Offices or Vocational Schools which guarantees no limitations on the subject or the complexity of services. STE GP has an entry to Training institutions registered in the Voivodeship Labor Office and Employment Agency, as well as Lifelong learning institution, which puts us at a competent partner in the field of education system and the law. As a next step we will introduce new solutions in other areas for industry as well.

Team STE

With our locations in the Netherlands, Belgium and Poland and the work we do around the world, our team is also growing consistently. A team that consists of client oriented professionals, that have passion for sharing their knowledge and skills concerning working at height.

Would you like to become part of this team, then have a look at our job offers. We are always looking for new colleagues.

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