Customized Training

Did you go through all our training programma's, but you can't realy find what you are looking for? Should the training by focused more on your company protocols or a product in particular or maybe a combination of training and specific subjects? Based on your wishes and objectives, we can make tailor-made training for your company.

9 - steps

In order to offer you an optimal customized training package, we work with a clear 9-step plan:

  1. Determine the final goal of the training;
  2. Target down for whom the training is meant for;
  3. Determine the level of knowledge of the participants;
  4. Compiling the training content;
  5. Determine the training duration;
  6. Make an offer;
  7. Determine the training data;
  8. Carry out training;
  9. Evaluate before starting a new group.

More information

Interested in this option or just want to inform yourself to get a better idea? No problem. Contact us and we will make an appointment to see if we can do something for you without any obligations. 


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