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In June 2017 we have opened our location in Poland, STE Global Protection (GP). We started this location from the same point of view as in the Netherlands, to make the world of Working at Height a safer one without losing sight of the commercial aspect of things. This expansion has made it possible to add the field of expertise in Insulation to our portfolio. STE GP does not only have all qualifications in the field of Scaffolding, but also in the field of Insulation. Years of expertise in training people, but also in the field of Prefab Insulation.


We have expanded our activities in Poland with the development and production of prefab products for the Industrial Insulation Sector. Just like our training, we also deliver the highest quality. The advantage of STE Poland's product is that you save money without having to comprimise quality.

By producing the prefab at the Polish location, productioncosts are lower with respect to production in the Netherlands. Besides that people in the field can work faster with prefab product and more work can be done in the same time. We would love to make a calculation to enter into a partnership, in which we deliver guaranteed quality and a good price.


Knowing that STE GP has al this knowledge about Insulation we could not leave it at the production of prefabs. At our location in Poland we are happy to transfer our professional knowledge and provide the right training to help you on your way with your career in Insulation. Insulation is, like Steigerbouw, a true craft and in our courses you become a professional by following the right basic training and then gaining a lot of experience in the field.

Insulation for beginners

To start in the Insulation business you would start with the training: Insulation for Beginners. With this training you will be properly prepared to go to work in the insulation sector. The training is set up in a very accessible way to provide you with the right basic knowledge needed.

Insulation basic training

After this training you can move on to Insulation Basic. You follow this training in combination with an internship or better still a job at a company with enthusiastic teachers. In this training we take you to the level where you can do your work as an insulation technician, independently and in a professional manner.

For both training courses, you are at least 18 years old. In addition, at the start of the training you will check whether you are suitable for working at height.

You learn in the Beginners Training:

  • The basic rules, terms and standards in the Industrial Insulation;
  • Introduction into Industrial Insulation and the associated health and safety guidelines;
  • Installation of hot and cold insulation;
  • Assemble acoustic, anti-vibrating and fire-resistant insulation;
  • To install protective insulation (Pre-fabrication) and support constructions;
  • Mounting, repairing and removing industrial insulation.

In the Basic Training the above points are repeated and deepened. You also learn about:

  • Which technical documents exist and how to read them;
  • Isometry and isometric measurements;
  • And you get an introduction about sheet metal solutions.
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STE partners with Honeywell 

Since January 2022, STE can call itself a recognized trainer for Honeywell products. 

It concerns the training courses for Honeywell Netherlands for personal protective equipment. 

The training courses are suitable for anyone who works with Honeywell products or who has to approve the products. 

Whether on the roofs in scaffolding, on the construction or in industry, there is a specific training for every industry so so that people can start working in the right way with the right resources. 



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