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Privacy policy

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The following privacy policy applies to all site visits, transactions and agreements with Scaffolding Training Europe (STE) B.V. (Chamber of Commerce No.: 55397352), Aalborg 7, 2993 LP Barendrecht (

Foundation for processing personal data

Scaffolding Training Europe (STE) B.V. processes your normal personal data in accordance with the legal foundations of the GDPR-law. Based on this law we can call upon (one of the) following foundations. 

  • Consent of the involved person (newsletters, agreements);
  • Necessity of carrying out the agreement;
  • Necessity of complying with our legal requirements;
  • Behartigen gerechtvaardigde belangen (verwerking overeenkomst/personeelsafministratie)

Purpose of processing

Scaffolding Training Europe (STE) B.V. processes your personal data for:

  • Execution of the agreement, transactions and services;
  • Relations administration;
  • Newsletters;
  • Product- and service development;
  • Administrative operations;
  • Determining a strategy and policy;
  • Personnel administration;
  • Job application procedure;
  • Offers.

Scaffolding Training Europe (STE) B.V. processes personal data that is necessary to keep the agreement. This data is collected in the agreement or has been relayed in a previous agreement. We will send an order confirmation, invoice and if necessary a reminder or exhortation. By giving this assignment you are also giving permission to use the personal data you provided for administrative processing. Without this processing we are not able to be of service to you.

Everybody can sign-up for our newsletter, we will then send you news per e-mail regularly. These letters contain invisible codes, with which we can monitor how many people read our newsletter and on which subjects people clickthrough. We don’t register anything by name, we only use general information to improve our newsletter.  You can also easily sign out of the newsletter, through a link at the bottom of the newsletter.

When visiting our website no personal data will be gathered without your permission.  We do register data that doesn’t contain personal information. This is to get insight into how our website is used (cookies).

Providing personal data

Scaffolding Training Europe (STE) B.V. needs your data to carry out the administration, to contact you, to be able to execute our duties resulting from the made agreements and to save correspondence details.

If you weren’t to provide your details, Scaffolding Training Europe (STE) B.V. wouldn’t be able to fulfil its work and couldn’t be of service to you. Because of this providing your personal data is a requirement when entering into an agreement with Scaffolding Training Europe (STE) B.V..

Besides that Scaffolding Training Europe (STE) B.V. uses your details to contact you, to discuss your assignment/reservation, which could be of value to you; satisfaction, modifications, offers (unless you have indicated that you don’t wish to receive offers).

Receivers of personal data

Scaffolding Training Europe (STE) B.V. processes your details in a database, Scaffolding Training Europe (STE) B.V. only uses this system to process and develop our products and services. Scaffolding Training Europe (STE) B.V. its database is well secured in accordance with European norms.
A limited part of personal data will be handed over to third parties (domain name registration, in case necessary for collection), for purposes that are required to be able to supply services and keep the made agreements.

With the “third parties” that Scaffolding Training Europe (STE) B.V. uses to be able to supply their services, there are the necessary (processor)agreement as foundation.  
Sharing with third parties

Your personal data will not be shared with third parties without your express permission if this is necessary to carry out the concerning agreement, to provide a certain service or when the law requires it. Your personal data will never be provided to third parties outside of the EU.  

Saving details

We will save your details as long as it is necessary for the processing of our agreement and afterwards in our archive in accordance with the legal term of retention.
Newsletter details will be saved as long as permission has been granted, as soon as the signing out notification has been received, we will delete the details.
We will not save the details longer than necessary.
When applying for a job we will save your personal details as long as necessary for the application procedure. 
In the event that no relation is established, we will delete your details or ask permission to save your details for a longer period. 

Data security

Scaffolding Training Europe (STE) B.V. uses safety procedures to protect the processed data, among others to prevent unauthorized people from accessing these details. Scaffolding Training Europe (STE) B.V. also uses a SSL-security certificate.

Scaffolding Training Europe (STE) B.V. uses an internet company in the Netherlands for its website, this company has well secured servers, your data is secured in accordance with the applicable safety norms.

Social Media Buttons

Scaffolding Training Europe (STE) B.V. doesn’t use Social Media Buttons on its website.  


Scaffolding Training Europe (STE) B.V. uses two kinds of cookies on its website:

  • Functional cookies: The main goal of these cookies is to save you time and effort. For example if you adjust a webpage to your personal preferences or if you navigate a website, the cookies remember your selected settings and preferences for future use. When you visited the website again later, the previously entered data can be collected by the cookies, causing you to be able to use the websites features like you previously set.

  • Analytic cookies: Scaffolding Training Europe (STE) B.V. uses analytic cookies (Google Analytics). By using these cookies, Scaffolding Training Europe (STE) B.V. gains insight into how its website is used. The information provided by the cookies, is analysed by Google for us. The privacy of the visitor is warranted with these analytic cookies. With this data, we can optimize our webize, which makes it possible to improve the user experience for our visitors. Google is an American company, that saves their data on American servers. By doing so Google is in compliance with the EU-US Privacy Shield Principles.

At Scaffolding Training Europe (STE) B.V. cookies are automatically accepted, but you can change your settings in a manner that these cookies aren’t accepted. If you choose not to accept cookies, it’s possible you can’t fully use the interactive features of our website or others sites you visit.

Links to other websites

Our internet pages contain links to other websites. Scaffolding Training Europe (STE) B.V. is not responsible for the privacy policy of websites that don’t fall under Scaffolding Training Europe (STE) B.V.. In case of this we refer you to the privacy policy of the concerning website. 

Report obligation data leaks

In case of a data leak Scaffolding Training Europe (STE) B.V. will report this immediately to our internet office, that report its data to the Authority of Personal data in accordance with the GDPR. A data leak is an infringement on the security of personal data (hack). All involved will be informed of the data leak and the risks arisen from the data leak must be identified urgently.

Lawful inspection, rectification, clearing and objection.

You are allowed to ask Scaffolding Training Europe (STE) B.V. to inspect the data they have saved of you. You can also request for Scaffolding Training Europe (STE) B.V. to change, add or delete your data.

You can do this by contacting us via 

After receiving your request, it will be checked if it’s in compliance to the legal standards before the data is deleted.  

U can object to the processing of your data or you can retract your permission to process your data, Scaffolding Training Europe (STE) B.V. will check your objection/retraction, this means we check if the objection/retraction endangers the fulfilment of the agreement. 

If you have complaint about the processing of your personal data, you can direct your complaint to:

Automated decision making

Scaffolding Training Europe (STE) B.V. uses automated decisions when checking the credit rating of our clients. It’s possible that Scaffolding Training Europe (STE) B.V. researches the credit rating before work will be performed. In case the research results in a negative advice, Scaffolding Training Europe (STE) B.V. can choose to dissolve the agreement. Scaffolding Training Europe (STE) B.V. can choose, in case of a bad credit rating, to perform work step by step, where paying beforehand can be a requirement.


Scaffolding Training Europe (STE) B.V. retains the right to change this privacy policy, for example because of new legal developments or online services. 
You can find our most recent privacy policy in the footer of our website: 

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STE partners with Honeywell 

Since January 2022, STE can call itself a recognized trainer for Honeywell products. 

It concerns the training courses for Honeywell Netherlands for personal protective equipment. 

The training courses are suitable for anyone who works with Honeywell products or who has to approve the products. 

Whether on the roofs in scaffolding, on the construction or in industry, there is a specific training for every industry so so that people can start working in the right way with the right resources. 



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