False Scaffolding Training Europe (STE) Certificates in circulation!

10 september 2013

Recently we have concluded that false Scaffolding A Certificates are circulating in the name of STE.

Since 1997, all trainings by STE that belong to Chapter 7 of the Scaffolding Directive (S. D.) are completed with an independent exam under supervision of a Certifying Institution (CI). This CI is under supervision of the Counsel of Accreditation.

All graduated candidates are registered in a register that is accessible to anyone.

This register can be found at www.certcheck.nl

How to recognize the false certificates of STE.

Identification Points

  • The name and logo of Layher are on the front.

  • The name and logo of Scaffolding Training Europe are at the bottom.

  • Also, it says the following text: The Director of STE declares that ------ successfully completed at --- (Date) --- a Scaffolder A Certificate.

  • The name of the Director E. L. R. Ferket.

  • The falsified autograph of the director.

If you encounter false certificates during checks or you doubt the authenticity of the certificate, we request that you scan and mail these to info@trainingscaffolding.com. We can then inform you about the authenticity of the certificate on the basis of the name, date of birth, date of examination and professional competence profile.

We at STE have since declared and reported fraud at all interested instances.

We now have determined that individuals with false certificates are working at clients without any schooling, with all possible consequences.

We therefore ask you to check scaffolders on a valid certificatie, so that we, together with you, can stop this fraud.


Dhr. E. L. R. Ferket

General Manager STE


Scaffolding Training Europe

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