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Level Measurement

Target audience

In the Scaffolding business there are many different levels in the field. Sometimes it’s hard to asses at which level an employee is or you need to test if
the level they say they are is true. This is what we designed screenings and level measurements for.
For this we at STE have developed a level measurement.

Preliminary education

Of good will and sufficiently educated in Dutch or English. If you want to do the level measurement in another language, you can do so on request.

Content of the training

Level measurements

1. Level measurement takes 2 hours;
2. Maximum of 12 people per screener;
3. Determine the level: Helper, Assistant Scaffolder, Basic Scaffolder or
Advanced Scaffolder;
4. Theoretical test;
  • Knowledge and skill of scaffolding;
  • Language skills;
  • Mathematics skills.

5. Results within a week of the measurement.
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Duration of the training
2 hours
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Upon request
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