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Industrial Insulator Beginner

Target audience

If you are planning to work in professions connected with industrial insulation or you are already working as an industrial insulation fitter, but are lacking basic knowledge, this training is built and tailor-made just for your needs.The right amount of theory combined with practical training in the workshop will allow you to gain the skills to find yourself a job in this profession. Additionally, this training together with onsite experience creates the foundation for successfully tackling the apprenticeship exam in the near future.

If you attend the whole course and pass the final exam, you will be granted a certificate by STE. STE Global Protection is registered as a training institution at the voivodeship labor office. The certificate granted by us, combined with preparation and experience (which is checked individually) allows you to apply for the apprentice exam by Craft Chamber.

Preliminary education

• Minimum age of 18.
• Ability test to work at height.

Content of the training

You learn
• the basic rules, terms and norms used in insulation;
• introduction to the profession of industrial insulation and Health and safety guidelines;
• installation of hot and cold insulation;
• assembly of acoustic, anti-vibration insulation and fireproof insulation;
• mounting of protective coats (prefabrication), supporting constructions;
• repair and dismantling of industrial insulation.
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Duration of the training
9 days training + 1 day exam
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Course price
Upon request
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Upon request
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