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Safety Assessment Scaffolding - Level II

Target audience

This training is suitable for everybody who comes across scaffolds in their daily work environment, but who is not directly involved with the (dis)assembly of the scaffolds. You are however responsible for (periodically) inspection and releasing and/or transfering scaffolds. Therefore it is important you have the right knowledge and skills to be able to identify and point out dangerous scaffolds and working situations and act accordingly. In the training VBS II you learn to do this for all standard configurations.
  • After passing your exam, you will receive a certificate of professional competence conform ISO 17024. The certificate is valid for 5 years and during this time you are certified conform European Legislation.

Preliminary education

You are at least 18 years old and have your VCA VOL certificate. It is an advantage if you already have your certificate Safety Assessment Scaffolding
  • Level I.

Content of the training

You learn
  • To name and explain common scaffolding terms;
  • To name scaffolding materials and explain their function and use;
  • The main rules for people using scaffolds;
  • How to apply the basic rules, guidelines and safety requirements correctly;
  • To visually asses simple and complex scaffolds on all safety aspects;
  • The legal requirements, how to check and rapport any deviations;
  • To assess standard scaffolds on strength, rigidity, stability and safety;
  • The correct use of PPE’s;
  • To identify dangerous situations and rapport them.

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Duration of the training
3 days training + 2 hours exam
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Course price
€ 795,- excl. VAT
Price certificate
€ 78,70 excl. VAT
€ 85,- excl. VAT
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Course data
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