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Foreman Scaffolding

Target audience

The training Foreman Scaffolding teaches scaffolders with the right education, experience and capacities to become a foreman. You learn all the skills necessary to lead one or more scaffolding teams.
  • Recertification: 5 years ago you got certified and it is time to renew it? Then sign up for one of the open registrations and when applying you place a request for recertification in the question/remarks section. You skip the first mentioned training date and join the training from day 2 onwards. This is fairly difficult and the instructor will go through the curriculum fairly quickly. It’s doable with a good dose of independent studying outside the course. If this sounds too much, then you just sign in for the whole training. No problem.
  • After passing your exam, you will receive a certificate of professional competence conform ISO 17024. The certificate is valid for 5 years and during this time you are certified conform European Legislation.

Preliminary education

You have your VCA VOL and a certificate for Advanced Scaffolder or you have at least 1,5 years of relevant experience as an advanced scaffolder.

Content of the training

You learn
  • The process from acquisition to implementation;
  • To determine safe and efficient methods to (dis)assemble and modify one or more saffolds at a location;
  • How to make good work instructions and drawings, how to present them and convey them to the allocated scaffolding team(s);
  • To manage an allocated scaffolding team(s);
  • To convey the necessary information required for the construction of a complex scaffold(s) to the engineer;
  • What is meant by ‘complex scaffolds’ and ‘specific circumstances’;
  • To see to it that regulations and safety procedures are abided by;
  • To assess all safety aspects of scaffolds, by means of inspection;
  • To propose corrective measures when necessary;
  • To release scaffolds that comply with the requirements.

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Duration of the training
6 days training + 3 hours exam
Duration Recertification
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Course price
€ 1.455,- excl. VAT
Recertification price
€ 1.225,- excl. VAT
Price certificate
€ 78,70 excl. VAT
€ 100,- excl. VAT
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Course data
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