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Basic Scaffolder

Target audience

If you already have the required experience in scaffolding and want to record this by
acquiring a certificate of professional competence for Basic Scaffolder, this training is perfect for you. If you’re not sure you are at the right level for this training, we can test this beforehand.
  • Recertification: 5 years ago you got certified and it is time to renew it? Then sign up for one of the open registrations and when applying you place a request for recertification in the question/remarks section. You skip the first mentioned training date and join the training from day 2 onwards. This is fairly difficult and the instructor will go through the curriculum fairly quickly. It’s doable with a good dose of independent studying outside the course. If this sounds too much, then you just sign in for the whole training. No problem.
  • After passing your exam, you will receive a certificate of professional competence conform ISO 17024. The certificate is valid for 5 years and during this time you are Certified conform the Scaffolding Directive.

Preliminary education

You are at least 18 years or older, have your VCA and you have a certificate of professional competence for scaffolding assistant or you have at least 1,5 years of registered experience.

Content of the training

You learn
  • Basic rules, guidelines and terms for the (dis)assembly or alteration of scaffolds;
  • The safety regulations and procedures within Scaffolding and can perform a LMRA;
  • To inspect scaffolding material;
  • To (dis)assemble and adjust scaffolds, extensions and overpassing;
  • The legal regulations that apply to standard configurations;
  • Strength, rigidness ,stability and safety of a scaffold;
  • To work individually on a standard configuration based of a drawing and material specifications;
  • To make a bill of materials based off a sketch or drawing;
  • To restore a dangerous scaffold back to a safe one;
  • Your responsibilities and competences compared to the scaffolding assistant and the advanced scaffolder.

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Duration of the training
3 days training + 1 day exam
Duration Recertification
Duur Kwalificatietoets
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Course price
Upon request
Recertification price
€ 925,- excl. VAT
Kwalificatietoets prijs
€ 595,- excl. VAT
Price certificate
€ 78,70 excl. VAT
€ 100,- excl. VAT
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Course data

Qualification test information

If you already have your scaffolding construction technician certificate and your knowledge is still up-to-date, this is the program that suits you. You will receive a digital qualification test from which a training recommendation will emerge. The advice is without obligation, but certainly contributes to your chance of success. The exam consists of a theory and a practical part and will take place at one of our training locations.


  • 1 day


  • Qualification test at your own location
  • Exam at our training locations in NL.
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