Training Basic Scaffolder (Stb.A) in English

8 juli 2016

Since EU free traveling and working zones are expanding, STE gets more and more questions about providing training in other languages. English, German, French, Polish, Turkish, Lithuanian are common languages nowadays. Most of our trainers speak English and German, and we have 1 Turkish speaking trainer and 2 Polish trainers  in our midst. The rest of the languages ask for improvisation, sometimes with a mix of 2 or 3 languages, and with a translator present. A challenge we gladly accept.

English speaking training groups start every month. We provide a lot of English scaffolding training lessons in an incompany structure,  but next month our first Basic Scaffolder open structure training group in English will take place. This means, every individual person or freelancer can sign in for this training course. Our first opportunity contains the following training dates:

Basic Scaffolder in English:

4th August           Training day 1  

5th  August          Training day 2

8th  August          Training day 3

9th  August          Examination day.


You can attend the course by filling in the application form on our website:


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