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Het expertisecentrum voor veilig werken op hoogte

STE is hét expertisecentrum voor veilig werken op hoogte. Als gespecialiseerd opleidingsinstituut verzorgen wij:

  • Opleidingen, cursussen en trainingen
  • Niveaumetingen en advies
  • Inspecties en Consultancy

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STE opens New training center in Poland

STE opens New training center in Poland

07-12-2017 om 10:58:11 uur

With great pride and pleasure, we announce the opening of our new Training and examination center. STE Global Protection Sp. z o.o. is located in Opole (Poland) and offers its clients best training, testing and expertise solutions not only in the field of scaffolding or safe work at hight but also in industrial insulation. 
The great potential of new facility enables us to introduce and offer our clients a wide range of activity specialties. We’re looking forward hearing about any of exceptional need of yours and will be happy to answer your special requirements.   



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