Much commotion in the land of scaffolding!

12 november 2013

As of January 1 2017, many scaffolding passes and certificates have been declared invalid.

Acknowledged educators face a huge flimflam.

Scaffolding Training Europe (S.T.E.) has worked hard for the last three years to be ready, together with the exam organisation and all stakeholders, for the future. Multiple young instructors have been prepped to ensure that scaffolders are educated succesfully. With the aim of succesfully achieving the required professional competence certificate as mentioned in chapter 7 of the Scaffolding Directive.

S.T.E. has already started with person certification in 1994 and took a huge step in the number of certificates to meet the demands.

Therefore, S.T.E. is the partner who will ensure that all of your employees and contractors will meet all requirements for at least the next five years in 2017. Subscribing is possible through our website: /nl_opleidingen



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