Directive scaffolding updated

1 juni 2012

Naar verwachting voltooit de redactiecommissie van de Richtlijn Steigers nog voor de vakantieperiode de actualisering van de Richtlijn Steigers, hierbij ondersteund door de constructeurs van de VSB-leden en de diverse commissies van VSB en Komat.Belangrijke wijzigingen zijn niet alleen inhoudelijkte verwachten, maar vooral ook voor wat betreft de werkingssfeer die wordt uitgebreid naar de (petro-)chemische industrie, de energiesector en het scholingsveld.

Broad Support

According to the Directive Scaffolding, consultations have been conducted with representatives of the (petro-)chemistry and the energy branch in 2011 and the spring of 2012, in good alignment with all involved parties who thus far have supported the Directive considering its content. It is expected that the updated version will be aligned and acknowledged by umbrella organisations as well, like VNCI and VNPI. Through this, the support of the directive is significantly increased. This results in an information campaign, which the VSB and Komat have set up and through which all involved in the (petro-)chemistry and the engery sector will be informed. Contractors, scaffolding companies, Inspection SZW and others involved with the application of scaffolding will have a certified document at their disposal, in which not only the current status of the technique is concluded, but also the tasks and responsibilities have been recorded unambiguously. Improvement of quality, secure work and building efficiently are the ingredients of turning the assembling of scaffolding into a specialized field of work.


The Directive Scaffolding will be expanded in the field of education as well. Basic principles include the Qualification files that are compiled in cooperation with Fundeon for the purpose of the Office of Education and Science. The chapter will be expanded even further and should make an end to the vagueness that momentarily exists regarding the acknowledgement of certificates, training programs, certification etc. The goal of the chapter is the acknowledgement of the specialized occupation of scaffolding mechanic, but also the clarification of which position the inspector and supervisor occupy in the scaffolding process. Furthermore, the current laws regarding regulations, Eurocodes and other current norms will be processed technology-wise, in which those regarding wind pressure and grounding and subjects like construction lifts. Through the media, directed awareness and the portal , the updated Directive Scaffolding will be made public.


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